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Josie has had a profound effect on the way I treat myself day to day. Before we met I had no idea how to connect to my heart let alone how much of a difference it would make to my life. She has shown me the love that has always existed in me and the love that I have been craving for, for so long. Without you Josie I don’t think I would have even realised how much abundance is in my heart – thank you!


I have known Josie since the summer of 2014, and she has been a very influential person in my life since then, in a very positive way.  I have attended several of Josie’s wonderful workshops, which have focused upon the notion of ‘living from the heart’; these have taught me a lot about how to truly listen to your heart space and inner guidance.  These practices have become a part of my daily life, and have had a very positive impact upon my life, my relationships and my general ability to cope with life’s challenges (and how to appreciate life’s joys).  Josie is warm, loving and generous person, who always does the best that she can for those around her.  She is reflective, and always wants to improve her own understanding of spiritual and scientific practices, in order to develop her ability in helping and guiding others.
I always look forward to meeting Josie, in either workshop sessions or individual sessions, and I really cannot thank her enough for the help and guidance which she has given me, particularly by helping me to learn to trust my inner guidance and the power of my own heart.
Anna Binns

Through developing a more heart-centred way of being, I have been able to thrive in adversity, take steps that seemed far too scary, and embrace my spiritual side more.  I know, that when I get a bit wobbly, that I only have to return to my heart-space to find my courage and centre again.  I also know, that without Josie’s support I would not have got this far, this fast or this easily.

Claire Holt

Teaching from the Heart