What I offer

 Here is an overview of how I can support you – click on the links below for more details

Therapeutic Support

A combination of Counselling, Therapy and Coaching to help you harness your heart power to reach your full potential, while healing and clearing any blocks to that along the way.

Heartful Life Coaching Programme

A coaching programme created to guide and support you in fully activating your heart’s power to be your own powerful healer, wisdom guide, peaceful guru, success coach and best of friends.

Divine Heart Healing

A gentle, beautiful and powerful hands on healing which will infuse you with the energy of Divine Love to heal and transform all aspects of your being.

Transformation Days

A whole day designed to perfectly meet your needs, providing heart-powered healing, inspiration and guidance to help you move forward in any area of your life, with focused one to one support.

Workshops and Live Online Events

One of the most enjoyable ways to experience the power of your heart is with a group of like-minded souls. These live events cover a wide spectrum of the glorious opportunities that living from the heart lays at our feet.

Online Courses

Activate the full potential of your heart power, in ways that suit your schedule and your budget.


Being a passionate book lover, I delight in sharing the gifts of living from the heart through the written word.