Therapeutic Support

Do you want to feel safely cared for while you work through painful or confusing issues?

Do you want the support of someone who connects with you where you are and helps you move forward at a pace that feels right for you?

Do you want to discover what is at the core of the issues that concern you?

Do you have painful emotions such as grief, anger, resentment or fear that are holding you back?

Do you have worries around money, relationships, your health or career where you want support to make changes?

Do you want to make genuine changes in your life that give you a real sense of liberation from old patterns?

Do you want to be supported by someone who can tune in to the greater possibilities that are available to you personally, and will empower you to reach those?

Do you want to be supported to access your heart’s power to guide, heal, uplift and inspire you?

You can book a one off session, or a course of sessions with a discount.

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Therapeutic Support is a combination of Transformational Coaching, Counselling, and Therapy where I draw on my experience of nearly 25 years working to help people ease through change, in the most effective and gentle way. You can learn more about my training and background by clicking here.

With Therapeutic Support, we will dive directly into the issue you want to focus on, to bring healing, clarity and transformation.

I also offer the Heartful Life Coaching Programme, where I teach you how to be your own healer, coach and transformational guide – through the power and inspiration of your heart. Find out more about this programme here.

Josie is a highly skilled therapist, life coach and healer, well earthed and well balanced, working from and with the heart. She can work on many different levels, from more practical down to earth counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques, to very deep spiritual and heart-based healing techniques, including inner child work and sacred visualisations etc. As well as having multiple strings to her bow, Josie is highly intuitive, compassionate, intelligent and wise, keeping you very safe and allowing you to work at your own pace. She has helped me to take some major steps forward on my journey, especially helping me to contact my own heart, so instead of just relying on my masculine mind and logic most of the time, I am also now able to start feeling and trusting the love and guidance in my heart. Thank you, Josie.
Chris - Leeds