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I love running live events because it’s a beautiful way to ignite our heart intelligence. When we feel safe to open our hearts to others, we also find that we become more present to ourselves and aware of the grace that is available to us in each moment.

Below you will see details of some of my regular workshops.

I also run webinars on similar subjects…many of which are free. So keep in touch to find out what I am offering.



Other Workshops

Here are some examples of workshops I run.

Living from Your Heart

2 Day Workshop

This workshop gives an overview of what it means to live from the heart. It will introduce you to the theory and practice of heart centred living, and give you a direct experience of the joy, passion and purpose it can bring.

The workshop includes:

  • The benefits of Living from Your Heart.
  • How to actually do it.
  • Fascinating science which demonstrates the power of the heart to uplift all
    aspects of your life.
  • Exercises to gently open you to the power of your own heart.
  • Meditations to connect you directly to the energy of your heart.
  • How to use the reliable guidance of your heart which is always available.
  • Sharing with others in safe and comfortable ways which help you deepen your
    connection to your own heart’s power.
  • Uncovering blocks to letting the love and energy of our hearts flow freely.
  • Ways of healing those blocks.
  • Working with Core Heart Values and Heart Qualities to empower you.
  • Knowing your heart as a Powerful Healer, Wisdom Guide and Best of Friends.

Gateways To Your Heart Power

One Day Workshops


Gratitude and Appreciation Workshop

Gratitude and Appreciation are activities of the heart, and possibly the most powerful thing we can do to swiftly make a tangible shift into an open hearted loving state. When in a state of gratitude and appreciation, life flows through us with greater ease, and issues that bothered us melt away, leaving clarity and insight in their place.

Gratitude and Appreciation uplift us and radiate a beautiful, beneficent power into all aspects of our lives – we have more energy, peace, abundance and joy available to us. We are more open to give and receive the love we truly are.

In this workshop we will dive deeply into how to activate gratitude and appreciation in our lives fully. We will explore what can block us from it and how to resolve that, and we will spend so much time basking in it that we will light up the room by the end of the day…!

Loving Yourself Workshop

Living from the heart starts with loving yourself. Your own heart energy fills you first before it radiates out into the world, and loving ourselves is an essential fuel which makes it possible for us to truly love others. When we love ourselves our heart energy flows with ease. We are balanced, joyful, loving and can respond to the adventure of life with purpose and confidence. When we love ourselves we are able to enjoy the journey towards fulfilling our potential, and be open to receive all that life has to offer us.

How much do you love yourself? Is it something that comes easily, or were you programmed to put others before yourself? What would your life be like if you felt free and able to completely love and cherish yourself?

In this workshop we will use the warmth and nurturing power of our hearts to support us, as we explore the areas where we withhold love from ourselves, then bring healing to those sore, bruised places. We will then anchor into the power of our heart, which already loves us unconditionally, and get to know ourselves anew from that place, with genuine love and appreciation.

Being Real Workshop

The authentic power of our heart only knows how to be real, it will always be honest with us, and show us what is true for us. Our heart will guide us wisely, step by step, to a joyful and fulfilling life, but it needs us to be real and open to hear its clear direction and guidance, and be able to respond to that.

The opportunity and challenge for us is – can we allow ourselves to hear the honest messages of our heart? Can we allow layers of pretence and conditioning to fall away and claim for ourselves the immense dynamic power that comes from being real? Can we open ourselves to being who we truly are?

This workshop is an invitation to say ‘Yes’ to all this. We will gently unfold the reasons why we don’t feel safe to be our authentic selves. We will allow our hearts to guide us into healing and transforming these contracted places inside us, and then showing us the power, purpose and love that is available to us when we are true to ourselves.