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Heartful Life Coaching will support you to live fully as your true self, fulfill your potential, resolve and heal any blocks to that, access your reliable inner guidance and know yourself to be the power of love.


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Heartful Life Coaching is a spacious, sacred 3 month container through which I teach you to live from your heart, and coach you to fully experience what you learn – which will transform your life in the most fulfilling, empowering and exciting ways.

I guide you to access your own inner healer, wise guide and best of friends who loves you unconditionally and will support you through every breath of your life, through every step you take on the road to living your full potential.

Your intelligent heart will lift you over any bumps in that road, take you from confusion to clarity and heal any pain that may arise in you. It is like carrying around your own wise guru and healer who is available all day every day.

The Heartful Life Coaching Programme consists of 6 one to one sessions with me – in person or via Zoom, taken over 3 months. You will receive supplementary materials such as videos and PDFs to deepen and enrich your experience of living from your heart. You will also get email support between sessions and…a surprise gift from me to add to your experience of receiving from the heart.

In the Heartful Life Coaching Programme you will come to know and experience that…

  • Your heart intelligence ‘oversees’ the most beneficial and harmonious outcomes for your mind, your body, your emotional life, and your soul. So every part of you gets loving attention, support and exactly what it needs to thrive.
  • Your heart is a reliable and very wise guide, who knows you at the deepest level, and can guide you step by step towards what will enhance your life.
  • Your heart sees the big picture of who you are when you are living your full potential, it always believes in your success and is steadfast in supporting you to reach that.
  • You heart knows, understands and tenderly cares for any hurt or pain you may experience, it also has the power to heal and resolve that pain, so it no longer holds you back.
  • Your heart is a sanctuary that you can visit for respite, peace, rejuvenation and insight.
  • Your heart can empower you with the resources that you need to face any challenge in life.
  • Your heart can open you up to the inherent joy, love, passion, and juiciness of life, so you naturally feel more vibrantly alive and every day becomes a blessing.
  • What you really are is love…! Most of our issues in life arise from having forgotten the truth of this. Living from your heart is the most direct way to return to the peaceful power of your true state.

I tailor the Heartful Life Coaching programme to suit you personally because I want to ensure that you get the greatest benefit from it. You won’t be slotted into a template of pre-planned sessions. It will be more like following a trusted map with reflective moments to check out the most ideal path for your unique needs along the way. You heart is the best guide, it will show us the route.


In the first session, we will focus on helping you get to know your heart and its power. We will help you feel established in the wise, loving sanctuary of your heart so you can return there any time you wish. Then from that safe and nurturing space we will dive into your reasons for choosing the programme. From there we will see what your heart intelligence shows you most need in the following sessions. It might be that you need to learn how to access your heart’s profound healing energy or your heart’s wise guidance. It might be that you want to discover your purpose and uncover your latent potential. Or perhaps you most pressing need is to activate your latent superpowers that will help you face a big challenge.


In the next 5 sessions, you will experience all of the major benefits that your heart has to offer in the sequence and at the pace that is perfect for you.


These include…

  • Heart Guidance

  • The Healing Sanctuary of your Heart

  • Finding Your Purpose and Fulfilling Your Potential

  • Activating your Superpowers and Empowerment

  • Shine your heart light – Light up your life.

  • Come home to your true self through your heart.

So by the time you reach the last session you will…

  • Be enabled to face challenges with a calm strength and confidence.

  • Know that any emotional wounds can be soothed and healed

  • Rely on the wise inner guide within you to direct and inform you

  • Be able to access deep peace at any time

  • Feel you are being carried forward on the path of your soul’s purpose.

  • Be inspired, uplifted and expanded by the innate source of joy in you.

What you get in the Heartful Life Coaching Programme.

  • 7 x 90minute sessions with me online via Zoom

  • Email support between sessions

  • Resources to support you go deeper into the process including an ebook of exercises and a beautiful healing meditation video.

  • A surprise gift from me to add to your experience of receiving from the heart.

Heartful Life Coaching has given me lot more than I expected. I thought it might just help me with a few issues that I was struggling with, which were resolved very quickly actually. The main benefit to me is that I now know that I have the ability to use my heart to guide me through difficult times, which makes me less fearful and more relaxed. It was a surprise initially that my heart guidance seems to know I am capable of more than I realised, but as I have learnt to trust that, I am becoming more confident. I still have sessions with Josie from time to time as a booster, but I feel like my own heart is my personal life coach now, and it’s showing me how to get the most out of my life, and how to feel good about being myself.

Lauren (London)


I did the Heartful Life Coaching Programme because of confusion over my career direction which was triggered by health issues. The difference it has made to me is amazing. Not only did my health improve, I am now doing work that feels like a career rather than just a job. In working with Josie I have gained far more than just learning self-help techniques, I have discovered a powerful and inspiring part of me that I didn’t know was there and which I now know I can rely on.



I decided to do the Heartful Life Coaching Programme, because I liked the emphasis on showing me how I could learn to use my heart wisdom to guide me in life, in addition to helping me resolve some painful issues at the time.

Lauriel (Denver)


Heartful Life Coaching gives you a strong foundation to face everything in life…not through being reinforced with armour which keeps you separate from the world, but through knowing how to access the loving inner power that is available to you at all times. This means you can be fully open to letting life flow through you and carry you forward.

You can then really start to live….!




Get started living your Heart Powered Life today with the Heartful Life Coaching Programme.