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The Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards will activate your heart’s power to heal, empower, enrich and inspire you.

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directly from the deep, soul-infused wisdom of your heart.


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My heart wisdom has been spoken to me all my life. Over the last 20 years I have explored it, studied it and discovered its secrets. I have learnt how to listen to it and act upon its reliable guidance. It has been transformative…magical even.

I love helping others experience this life-changing, peaceful power in themselves too. And now I have created a very easy way for you to access this. The Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards.

The cards flowed into me from a soul inspired, deeply loving place. A place in me where I know with every fibre of my being that when you access your heart power you will feel stronger, wiser, more peaceful, alive and able to be the loving, creative, successful being that you truly are.

When you are centred in your heart power you will have more clarity, be more connected to your purpose and more able to move with certainty towards that.

Your heart is the key to all this and these cards are a

first step to learn how to use the key.

The cards are designed to help you open up to the wise brilliance at the core of you…where the answers to all your questions are waiting to be found. They are intended to activate you…so you can hear, know and feel your own heart power as a tangible reality that lives inside you.

The cards will give you give you helpful answers in the moment to your burning questions. They will also help you develop a relationship with your wise heart in ways that build a direct line of communication to your own inner guru.

About the cards

There are 33 Heart Wisdom Guidance cards. This includes 4 sets of cards known as Heart Chambers, and one Source Card. The Heart Chambers describe the four main energetic qualities of the heart…Healing, Empowerment, Enrichment, and Inspiration. The Source Card is the source of all things…LOVE.


The Heart Chambers

  • Healing – your heart is a wellspring of healing energy. You can visit your heart space any time to receive healing for all issues.
  • Empowerment – your heart is a reservoir of your potential, your strengths, and your special qualities that will support you through life.
  • Enrichment – your heart is naturally abundant in that which will bring joy, fulfilment, and peace. You can activate this to fill your life with genuine riches.
  • Inspiration – your heart knows who you truly are when you are living your full potential. It will inspire you towards living that – in ways that are perfect for you.

The Source Card – LOVE

The Source Card of Love is the central card of the Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards. This is the card from which all the other cards arise. Love is the energy from which all life flows. It creates worlds and galaxies and animates life in your body. Love gives you the experience of being fully alive, connecting you with others and also more deeply with yourself. Love is the flame that glows in the centre of your heart which everything else revolves around.
Love makes Healing, Empowerment, Enrichment and Inspiration within the other four heart chambers possible and animates the energies that through them.
When you get the Love card in a reading, open up the most potent, divine, creative power in the universe and let it bring its blessings to you.

Benefits of Using the Cards

There are several benefits to using the cards…
  • Connect more deeply with the power of your heart and develop a relationship with it.
  • Expand your awareness of how your life will be enhanced when you live from the heart.
  • Experience the power of love lighting up your life.
  • Gain clarity and guidance on any situation.
  • Swim in your heart’s healing energies.
  • Allow heart-powered inner resources to be activated within you.
  • Ride on a wave of heart-illuminated inspiration.
  • Feel yourself to be uplifted and enriched in all areas of your life.

How to Use the Cards

The starting point to getting the best out of the cards is to connect with your heart first, before you draw a card. Scoll down this page for instructions on doing this.
Connecting to your heart energy is a beautiful gift to give yourself, it is also something that grows and develops the more you do it. So start from wherever you are and build from there.
With the Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards, rather than having a spread with several cards, we draw one card at a time. This allows you to feel the full potency of your heart’s wisdom and guidance flowing through you with the card that you draw. You may wish to draw another card or even several more cards. If so, each time, return to connecting fully to your heart’s loving wisdom to give you the clearest channel to its uplifting guidance. You can type a question into the box below if there is something specific you want to know, or you can simply open yourself to receive what is most helpful for you in that moment – then draw a card.
When you have drawn a card allow the energy of your heart to speak to you through the image and words. Stay connected to your heart in the way that is described in the steps below, and gaze at the card you have drawn, knowing it is a message from the deepest part of yourself which knows everything about you, loves you infinitely and supports you to live a life of fulfilment, purpose and joy.

Get the most out of your reading with these steps….

♥ Bring your attention to your heart space by placing your hand over your chest, and breathe as if you are breathing in and out of your heart.
♥ Feel your body relax into the peace, love and wisdom that radiates from your heart.
♥ Bring to your awareness the issue that you would like support with. Release it into your heart. You might see it dropping down from the thoughts in your mind into the spacious, loving presence in your heart. Or you may just feel a sense of opening and relaxation as your heart embraces the issue.
♥ At this point you may want to write a specific question in the box below, or you might just want to silently ask for guidance as you draw a card.
♥ When you have drawn your card, continue to breathe in and out of your heart space as you softly gaze at the image and words. This will enable you to receive the loving energy and full meaning of what your heart is saying to you now.
♥ When you have absorbed the message, you may feel you want to ask another question. If so, you can do that in a second box which appears under your card.

Your questions are fully confidential. They are not stored anywhere.

The option to ask a question is just to help you clarify what you want to know.

Draw Your Cards Below

 Breathe through your heart, let your heart energy flow and ask your question below…