Divine Heart Healing

“Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
The power of love is the power that animates this creation.
We are healed by this power. You are soaking in it. You are being released from pain by allowing yourself to be soaked in this Divine Love. It is not an emotion. It is not some romantic idea.
Divine Love is life force itself, moving through you,
filling you, healing you.”

Connie Huebner

This healing approach goes directly to the most powerful source…LOVE. Rather than me sending and directing healing force into you, I allow the higher wisdom, and healing power of Divine Love to flow through me and to fill your being…giving you exactly what you need to heal and move through any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks that may be manifesting in your life.

People who have received this healing have found it to be a beautiful experience which has created significant shifts in their life.

This healing can be conducted seated or lying down, whilst fully clothed.

I trained in Divine Heart Healing with Joanne Grylls who is an extremely powerful healer – click here to visit her website. Joanne teaches this modality which is based on the Barbara Brennan system of healing.

‘The Divine Heart Healing was an amazing experience for me. It helped me tune into myself, and allowed me to open myself up to receive healing and loving energy, in a way I have never felt before. It was gently powerful, caring and like being held in warm embracing arms that I could relax into.’

Eileen - Skipton

‘My Divine Heart Healing sessions with Josie were relaxing and soothing. Her kind loving energy seemed to fill my body during the sessions and in the days and weeks afterwards, I noticed that things that I had been stuck with in my life started to shift. I am now in an altogether better place and would recommend Josie to anyone who has something in their life that they want to change.’

Teresa - Bingley

‘I was surprised at how I could feel so different after just one session. During the healing I didn’t notice much other than feeling very relaxed, but over the following week I realised that I seemed to be seeing life from a different perspective, more open and light-hearted somehow. The tension and stress that I had before the healing just seemed to float away. It was amazing really.’

Diane - North Yorkshire